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We provide top class patient care. We offer an integrated team of professionals which has experience, knowledge, passion, and empathy. Because we work with patients as a single unit it is certain that the patient will receive comprehensive care. This care is really on an individual basis and kept under constant re-evaluation to ensure that the specific needs of the patient are met. Our addiction specialists further their education through the "NAADAC" or the National Association For Addiction Professionals. There seminars are taught by world-renowned professionals such as Robert C. Richards, Dr. Norman G. Hoffmann, Thurston S. Smith, or Donald P. Osborn. They share the latest information on addiction, the results of recent empirical studies, and the most effective methods of treating addiction with our staff. The United States, every year spends more than $50 billion on research related to the abuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances, changing the psyche and the consequences of addiction. In the our inpatient addiction treatment center "DESIDERATA" we offer a wide range of opportunities for drug treatment and disorders which of course are dependent on the needs of the patient. We help people with a dual diagnosis, our model of integrated treatment is ideal to solve all the problems that prevent the patient from living a full life. We cure neurosis, depression, anxiety and other disorders During the stay in our center patients have the opportunity to meet and talk with addicts who live in abstinence for years, scientists involved in research on addiction and the many interesting people who can be very helpful in therapy. Part of the treatment that we offer includes hiking, mountaineering, walks in the woods, swimming, skiing, cycling, football, volleyball and basketball. We also recognize that the whole family can have an impact on the addict's recovery, and this same family also needs help in learning how to deal with the patient and their personal situations. For this reason, we have created a comprehensive program for families.  


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