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THERAPY PROGRAM is divided into two stages:

The Preliminary Stage


  • familiarize yourself with treatment group participants, making contact with the therapist leads;
  • knowledge of the principles of therapeutic group work;
  • knowledge of the principles of "good communication" - providing and receiving feedback;
  • identify their motivation for treatment and making changes;
  • acquire knowledge about alcohol addiction;
  • recognition and understanding of their addiction and its degree of severity (self-diagnosis);
  • preliminary diagnosis and develop the skills needed to promote early abstinence;

The Foundation Stage


  • strengthening knowledge about alcohol addiction and other awareness altering substances;
  • identification of the mechanisms of action of psychological dependence;
  • identification of problems in life and their relationship with drinking in all areas;
  • learning to recognize and name the emotional states - feelings;
  • constructive learning to deal with their own feelings;
  • learning to recognize your own skills, capabilities, needs and objectives;
  • increase of interpersonal skills;
  • learning to recognize the value of their world;
  • building self-esteem - self-acceptance;
  • building knowledge in responsibility for each other;
  • building knowledge in responsibility for each other;
  • learning to cope with recurrent disease;
  • learning constructive ways of refusing drinking;
  • knowledge and skills necessary in everyday life

Supplement of the therapy are mountaineering, hiking, soccer, basketball, swimming, skiing, cycling.


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