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Addiction is the search for emotional satisfaction—for a sense of security, a sense of being loved, even a sense of control over life. But the gratification is temporary and illusory, and the behavior results instead in greater self-disgust, reduced psychological security, and poorer coping ability. That’s what all addictions have in common.


ALCOHOLISM – most common in the world of addiction, which is a chronic disease fatal.

It is characterized by:

- Craving,

- Loss of control over the quantity and frequency of alcohol consumption,

- Withdrawal symptoms after stopping alcohol

- Increased tolerance to alcohol so that they must drink more to achieve the same effect

- Continued alcohol abuse despite causing alcohol-related problems


Alcoholism has serious health and social consequences:

- Neurological and psychiatric disorders

- Heart disease

- Diseases of the liver, pancreas and stomach

- Loss of control over their lives

- Breaking of family ties, aggression Website

- Conflict with the law



DRUG ADDICTION - that drug addiction is characterized by:

- Compulsive drug seeking and use that to change mental state. Depending on the drug are euphoria, tranquillizers, hallucinogens, stimulants.

- Loss of control over the amount and frequency of drug use,

- Abstinence syndrome in a situation of withdrawal

- Drug hunger, which can lead to uncontrolled conduct the required dose ingestion

- Increased tolerance.


The effects of long-term drug abuse is wasting, psychophysical changes, family problems, social and legal, and even death.


PRESCRIPTIONS DRUG ABUSE -  strong physiological and psychological dependence on drugs.

It is characterized by:

- Forced to receive increasing doses of drugs that cause a change in mental and physical,

- Anxiety or panic response when running low enough the amount of drug

- Use of several types of drugs simultaneously or strengthening the effect of alcohol

- Withdrawal symptoms, such a

                   - Increased anxiety, anxiety

                   - Memory problems

                   - Sleep disorders

                   - Loss of appetite

                   - Convulsions

                   - Flu-like symptoms

                   - Emotional lability

                   - Psychotic symptoms


Most drugs are addictive; tranquillizers, sleeping pills, painkillers, hormones, doping



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